7 Tips to Choose The Best Event Management company for your Event

Event Management is evolving as one of the most powerful tools of modern day marketing and therefore it has become all the more important to choose the best Event Management company for your Event. This blog takes you through a few simple and clear steps that you should take before finalizing an Event Management agency. The first and foremost thing you should understand is that there are broadly two kinds of Event Management companies going by the kind of Events that they are comfortable doing. They are…

  • Social & Celebration Events:  These are your Wedding Events, Engagement Parties, Birthday Events, New Year Parties so on and so forth.
  • Corporate Events or Business Events:  These are Dealer Meets, Product Launches, Conferences, Sales Kick-offs etc. This blog is to help you with Tips to choose the best corporate Event Management Company for your event.

The Kinds of Corporate Events

What kind of Events are managed by Corporates/brands in a day to day business?  There are two kinds of events that Corporates generally hold which are very different from each other.

  • Events that are conducted by their Marketing Teams to promote their brand or introduce their products and services.  They also conduct events to generate leads and penetrate into new markets or to motivate their dealers, channel partners, and their own sales force.
  • Events that are organized by the HR Team to motivate their team and retain them longer. These are unwinding and celebration kind of events comprising mostly of  Annual days, Sports Days, Theme events, Family days and the likes.

Event Management companies may have “BUSINESS EVENTS” or “SET & DECOR EVENTS” as their core expertise area and rarely both. An agency with good Set and Décor or Entertainment expertise would be found weaker when it comes to understanding the business events’ requirements. Similarly, the Event Management companies with a profound understanding of business & marketing may not give all the importance to the SET & DECOR.

7 Tips to Choose The Best Event Management Company for your Event

  1. If you are looking for a Wedding Event, please do look for Wedding Planners with 5 plus years of experience. Please do not go with Event Managers who do corporate events. However, Event Managers who focus on set and décor and organize events such as parties & other social events can be tried.
  2. For your Marketing Departments events’ such as Product launches, Dealer/Channel meets, User conferences, Promotions and activations you must go with established Event agencies with at least 10 to 15 years of similar events experience. With the 100s of fly by night Event agencies popping up every day it would be prudent to go with someone who is established.
  3. Go through the credentials, case studies, clientele, and testimonials. You would get an idea if they have similar events experience
  4. Analyze the background of the Directors of the Event Management Organisation. If an organization is set up less than 5 years ago and the promoters belong to a non Event Management industry, you better be cautious.
  5. If you are looking for an Exhibition Management or Large convention management, please do look for an Event Management company with Tradeshow management and Exhibition Management experience to their credit. Exhibition Management is an entirely different ball game from other events.
  6. Registration Management of an Event or an Exhibition is a very niche service provided by only 4 to 5 companies in India. If you are only expecting professional registration management for a large conference or exhibition, you must look for a Tradeshow Registration Management company and not just any event management company. These Registration Management agencies would have specific Registration Management Softwares and technology solutions.

A Case Study of an Event Management company

Here is an example of a leading Event Management company by name HostIndia Events & Marketing Pvt. limited., (www.hostindiaevents.com). This company has over 20 years of experience in Corporate Events Management, Exhibitions & Conference Management,  Trade Show Registration Management etc. However, Host India Events may not be a suitable partner for a Wedding Event or a Concert Event Management as suggested in this blog. This is because Host India Events’ core interest lies in Business events.

7. If you are looking for generating a specific audience for your Event or Conference or a Product launch, then such jobs are done by specific Event Management companies with audience acquisition capabilities. They would also have a huge Database, expertise to design and develop eMailers, Websites, manage Social Media marketing and In house Telemarketing etc.  HostIndia Events based out of Bangalore provides Audience acquisition, Conference Management, Promotions & activations, Exhibition Management, etc., They are one of the top 4 leading Event Registration Management companies in India as well.

Now it must be clear to you that in the world cluttered with 1000s of Events Management companies, how you must choose the best Event Management company for your event. How an Event Management company with Social Event Set & Decor expertise does not understand the Business Event requirements so on and so forth.

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