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Host India Institute of EVENT MANAGEMENT

If you are interested in EVENT MANAGEMENT as a CAREER for you & if interested in taking up a Professional/Practical Course on EVENT MANAGEMENT, you are requested to take a few minutes and answer the below questions.

Email 1
Email 2
Phone 1
Phone 2

a. What is duration of the Course you would prefer?

More than One year
One Year
Six months
Less than Six Months

b. What do you think is the ideal spend for you for the EVENT MANAGEMENT COURSE?

More than Rs. 25,000
Less than Rs.25,000
Less than Rs.15,000

C. What’s the kind of Monthly Salary that you would expect if you were to join EVENT MANAGEMENT profession soon after your course
More than Rs. 25,000
Less than Rs.25,000
Less than Rs.15,000

d. During your Event Management Course, would you like to take up part time projects if that can yield you good amount of money?

Yes It would be great
Does not make much difference

e. If interested in Part time projects now it self to get events experience & earn good money you may
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