Event Industry must spearhead environmentally sustainable events

We are a massive country in terms of population, industries, vehicular traffic, Building construction, Mining etc. Therefore, it has the potential to grow exponentially in every aspect whether good or bad. One of our most alarming growth is in the area of waste landfill and pollution. We should bring about nationwide awareness in this matter and it should be done no later than today. India announced on the World Environment day that it will eliminate all single-use plastics by 2022. This announcement builds on state-specific bans that are already in place in 25 states on the manufacture, supply, storage and use of plastics.

The Event & Trade Show Organizers should take the lead

Event Industry holds 1000s of concerts, trade shows, conferences, events every day, leaving behind a huge pile of plastic garbage. Moreover, the industry is ill-equipped to manage this waste, as anything to do with events is generally for one-time use. Though the states one after the other are banning the one time use of plastic, flex etc. The Event Management companies and Trade Show organizers in India have not been quick enough to implement environmentally sustainable events as yet.

The Events actually provide a platform for sharing knowledge. A huge population attends events every day to get educated and get insights. For the Event Industry, this platform can be an opportunity to promote its green initiatives and showcase its noble cause. They can take the lead and spearhead the campaign for environmentally sustainable events. The Event Industry should voluntarily ban one-time use of plastic in events. For such campaigns, the Event Industry has resources such as Creative Teams, Social Media Marketing expertise, Advertising budgets, Branding ideas all in house. Events even get the eyeballs at their doorstep. Here is an opportunity for the Event Industry to be a role model for others.

Non Plastic Badges for your Event & Exhibition Registration Management

Though the Plastic bags have disappeared long ago, the flex banners & backdrops have just started to go. What is most disturbing is the presence of Plastic ID Cards & Plastic Pouched Badges for one-time use in events! These have the potential for a huge landfill. The large trade shows with over 50000 to 1 Lakh visitors too use Plastic badges as of today. Even the government agencies and government events have not explored alternate badge designs. HostIndia events, the leading Bangalore based Events & Trade Show Registration management company who pioneered the cause of non-plastic badges in India have successfully introduced multiple innovative non-plastic badge designs in events.

One of their innovative design was shortlisted for the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2019 event. The decision to use non-plastic badge followed Tamil Nadu’s recent ban on plastic. HostIndia Events, as a policy has been promoting non-plastic badges for a decade. HostIndia Events works relentlessly to convince their clients to do away with Plastic in their events.  Currently, they have a range of non-plastic badge options and are working with designers to produce more varieties of environmentally sustainable badges.

Green Events is the Future

As the plastic glasses, bottles, plates, bags, Flex banners, Vinyl branding disappear from the events followed by Badges, the future of events in India would be much cleaner and greener. Therefore, ensuring such an atmosphere in India is the social responsibility of the Event Industry here.



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