Its the Quality & Quantity of Delegates or Visitors that make an event great.

An Event set with huge LED panels, Large stage, and Designer lighting always gives an impression of a great event.  A band performance or a celebrity presence at the event adds more to this impression. But it’s a big myth that these make a great event. It is the quality & quantity of Delegates or Visitors that make an event great. Hence a Delegate or Visitor is the KING of any event. An event management firm or an inexperienced client may spend all their money on an Event Stage-Set or Entertainment and may finally end up giving a treat to a poor quality turnout. It’s here that the Event Management companies with an eye for Quality audience acquisition come in to picture.

If a Banking Software giant is organizing an event to penetrate into the BFSI market, all they need to ensure first is the right profile of delegates from their prospect companies. An Event Management company with audience acquisition expertise would target a CIO based out of a Bank’s Headquarters for this Banking Software client’s Seminar and not any Bank Branch manager. Audience or Delegate acquisition for an Event or Conference, Visitor foot fall promotion for an Exhibition or RWA promotion or a Showroom Launch etc. are specialist jobs of Event Management companies with Audience Acquisition departments.

Few Delegates or Visitors acquisition success stories

We at HostIndia Events & Marketing Pvt. Limited, a Bangalore-Head Quartered event management company with Audience acquisition capabilities had a unique challenge. The task of reaching out to the Vice Chancellors and Registrars from universities across the country and getting them to register to attend a conference in Delhi. HostIndia Events team worked from database building, invitee list profiling, communication design, mailers, emailers to an aggressive Telemarketing campaign to reach out to the Target profile and successfully got the desired number of delegates in the event. In such an event it’s Delegates who are the most key factor of the event and certainly not the backdrop or Audio Visuals.

In another case, the target audience was all those who may use 3D printing in their industry’s day to day business. More importantly Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Education were the focus area for acquiring delegates. The delegate acquisition team from HostIndia Events started with a Conference website, followed up with Social media campaign and then the ” block the date” campaign. A huge database was built and was profiled for accuracy. Multi-pronged reach-out campaign through emails, messages, Telemarketing, direct mailers were carried out for over 30 days. Aggressive and systematic audience acquisition campaign yielded results and over 800 organization registered for the event. Registration confirmation emails and Tele confirmation calls, Reconfirmation processes and timely reminders ensured a huge turn out at the event. The 3D printing user forum filled with the quality crowd was a very clear sign of a great event.

The Challenge of Senior Citizens as Delegates 

In yet another case the challenge was to acquire Senior Citizens of age 60 & 70 Plus as an audience in large numbers for an Event of a reputed Hospital brand. With the profile changing to retired–aged people who spend all their time at homes, the Event agency had to change their marketing strategy. The large housing societies were targeted for the reach-out activity & kiosk-based promotions and Registration drives were held. Posters, Standees were put up at RWA offices, Parks & Medical Stores. Very Senior people were hired for Tele Inviting. The hard work of the teams finally yielded unbelievable results as the registrations poured in from all quarters. In the end, Over 650 Sr. citizens graced the event and were benefitted. The event was said to be one of the most successful ones ever held by the clients in the city.

Therefore, an event with the good quality & quantity of Delegates or Visitors in the hall is most likely to be a successful event. Now, for the audience to turn up for an event and then to be satisfied in the end, there has to be very good content. If  Delegate or Visitor is the King of the event, the content is the KEY.

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